Miniscleral Lenses

A Major Advancement in Contact Lenses for Patients with Keratoconus, Corneal Grafts and Extreme Dry Eye

A new form of visual correction has now become available for patients who suffer from keratoconus and other disorders of the cornea. A collaboration between John Mountford and a research team from Canada and the US has led to the creation of ‘ICD Miniscleral Lenses’ – a new large diameter contact lens which offers greatly improved comfort, vision and stability compared to older designs of contact lenses. John Mountford played a leading role in the design and mathematics of the lens parameters as well as the clinical trials of this new form of vision correction. Results have so far been a success with the large majority of patients reporting high levels of satisfaction with the new lens type. It is anticipated that this new lens design will take over the previously used small diameter rigid lenses.

Older designs of contact lenses have limitations in both comfort and stability. The new ‘ICD’ contact lens design works in a vastly different way to these older lens types. By increasing the overall size of the lens, the development team were able to design a lens which does not touch the cornea at any point, therefore leading to great improvements in comfort – while also reducing the risk of corneal scarring. Utilising the latest technology such as OCT scanning and corneal topography, these lenses can be custom designed to each patient with high levels of accuracy. Both John Mountford and his practice Associate David Foresto are now fitting these lenses to suitable patients.

The lenses form a light fluid suction on the eye and therefore eliminate any potential for dust or other debris to get behind the lens. Cleaning of the lenses is via the same system as the previous lens designs (Boston rigid lens cleaner or similar). The lenses are made of the latest highly oxygen permeable rigid gas permeable material. Any patients wearing ICD lenses will be required to learn a specific new method of inserting and removing these unique lenses. The staff at John Mountford’s practice are fully trained in teaching patient’s how best to manage insertion and removal of the lenses and like any new contact lens type may take some practice.

The worldwide research team is

John Mountford — Optometrist and Contact Lens Specialist, BRISBANE AUSTRALIA

Don Noack — Optometrist and Contact Lens Manufacturer, AUSTRALIA

Professor Patrick Caroline — Optometry Department Pacific University, USA

Randy Kojima — Topography Expert and Practitioner Educator, CANADA

Bob Heavyside — Contact Lens Manufacturer, CANADA

If you are interested in being assessed for suitability for ICD miniscleral lenses, please contact our PRACTICE on (07) 3221 2643 to make an appointment.